General information

Within our after-school care we offer care for children aged 4-13 years. The maximum size of our group is 22 children.

During the time that the child comes to De Boefjes BSO, he or she will have one permanent group and, as much as possible, the same permanent pedagogical employee(s). This creates a good relationship of trust between the child and the pedagogical staff member, but also between the parents and the pedagogical staff member. This relationship of trust forms the basis for good communication and exchange of information, so that the pedagogical employee can guide the child even better during his day at De Boefjes BSO.

After-school care De Boefjes is located close to five primary schools where children are picked up from:

  • Meidoorn
  • Admiraal de Ruyterschool
  • De Roos
  • Waterkant
  • Sint Janschool

The location

The group rooms at De Boefjes BSO are clearly furnished with a clear layout with different corners. The corners give structure and peace to the groups. Children can make choices about what and who they want to play with or not, they can choose to see the whole group or find a quieter spot in the group. All this ensures that every child can discover, explore and play in space at their own developmental level. There are three areas at our location where children can undertake activities. It concerns two play/living areas and a utility room where cooking activities are organized. The basement is used as a hobby room/studio.

Games and activities

There is a wide variety of activities to give children experience and stimulation. The calendar holidays are taken into account. Various activities are possible inside. The condition is that the children want it themselves; a child is never forced to participate. There is also a wide variety of play equipment inside. Activities are devised and carried out that arise from the current theme (e.g. traffic, holidays, Halloween, winter). The activities are also tailored to the age category of the child.

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